Jon Preece

I am a developer, speaker, writer, and teacher.

Hire me to build you a website, teach you to code, or speak at your event.


I am Jon Preece, an experienced front-end website developer from Warrington (UK) currently working in and around Manchester (UK).

Throughout my 10+ year professional career I have worked in many industries, including; e-commerce, financial services, marketing, healthcare, travel and accountancy.

My drive and determination to deliver the best has meant that I have risen to every challenge. I do not struggle under pressure, I excel under pressure.

I love to teach, I love to train and share my knowledge with others, I love to speak at public events.


I have had the pleasure to work at some of the UK's biggest companies.

ClearSky Contractor AccountingDestinologyJustAccountsMcKessonSystemC HealthcareTyres on the


I work hard and train hard to keep up to date with technology as best I can.

My favourite technologies include;

C#AWS Amazon Web ServicesJavaScriptNodeJS

Speaking & Training

I have had the absolute pleasure to speak at several meetups around Warrington and Manchester.

Would you like me to speak at your event?

I do not charge a fee for public speaking, but I may ask you to cover travel expenses. Please get in touch with me to discuss further.

Blog & Tutorials

I regularly contribute to, my personal blog that has over 15k hits per month.

I am very active on GitHub.

I plan to launch a YouTube channel at some point in the future, stay tuned!

Consulting & Contracting

I can provide you and/or your team with expert advice you can trust. Using my wealth of industry experience I can advise on software & website architecture, tooling, processes and more. Need more than just a consultant? As an independent, self employed contractor I can come and work on site for your business for 3, 6, or up to 12 months (full time) on a daily basis.

Website & Software Coding

I have been writing code for over 10 years professionally and a massive 15 years in total. I have expert knowledge of NodeJS, C#, ASP .NET MVC, WebForms, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, JavaScript (ES5/6+), HTML, CSS, Angular, and countless more. Whilst I do not know it all (who does!), I have learnt how to learn, and I can get up to speed quickly.

Remote Work

Are you a small company, startup, or just have a team that works remotely? Do not worry, I am fully set up to work from my personal office, complete with landline phone and video conferencing facilities.


You can reach out to me via Twitter @jpreecedev or you can connect with me on LinkedIn.