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My name is Jon Preece, and I am an experienced software and website developer based in the UK.

Throughout my 8 year professional career I've seen it all. E-commerce, marketing, healthcare, travel and accountancy. No challenge been too big, I not only deal with difficult and high pressure situations, I excel at them.

When developing your website or software, I use my experience, my initiative, my intelligence and my passion to drive you to success.

Getting the started is as simple as getting in touch, so don't delay, lets start today.

Angular JS
HTML / CSS / Responsive Design
SQL Server
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Consulting & Contacting

I can provide you and your team with expert advice you can trust. Using my wealth of industry experience I can advise on software & website architecture, tooling, processes and more. Need more than just a consultant? As an independent contractor I can come and work on site for your business for 3, 6, or up to 12 months on a daily basis.

Web Coding

I have been writing code for over 8 years professionally and a massive 14 years in total. I have expert knowledge of C#, ASP .NET MVC, WebForms, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular JS and countless more. Whilst I don't know it all (who does!) I can use my experience of learning to get up to speed quickly.

Remote Work

Are you a small company, startup, or just have a team that works remotely? Don't worry, I'm fully set up to work from my personal office, complete with landline phone and video conferencing facilities.

Would you like to know more or just discuss something?

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Destinology Inspirations

A WYSIWYG blog post creator written in Angular JS.

Worked as a full stack web developer on a variety of internal and external projects. All projects contributed towards re-development of the website, which was the main source of business. Worked daily on projects using C# ASP .Net, TypeScript, Angular. Work was mostly independent but occasionally as part of a team of several developers. When not working on Greenfield functionality, I acted as support for other developers, including providing advice, mentoring and a second set of eyes to help fix issues.

I individually developed a blogging platform, for use by the marketing team, to drive traffic to the website. The platform consisted of a browser-based WYSIWYG fully interactive page builder complete with drag-drop, animation, scheduling, promotional tools and was built against the SOLID principals. I utilized TypeScript to make the project more scalable and robust, and Angular for the SPA design. A plugin architecture was developed to easily enable extensibility, which quickly paid dividends as the business requirements often changed.

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Tyres On The Drive

Integrated Braintree online payment processor.

I was hired by Tyres On The Drive to do two pieces of work; increase the performance of the website and integrate a third party payment processor so that payments could be accepted through the website.

Some performance tuning key stats:

  • Reduced the overall page size by 22%, this will reduce page load speed for all users (especially those with slow connections)
  • Reduced the number of requests for resources by 9.3%
  • Altered many animations on the site to improve performance perception
  • Improved the Google Page Speed, which can boost search engine ranking.

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Modernization of legacy website.

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Tyres On The Drive
ClearSky Contractor Accounting
Yellowbus Solutions
McKesson Healthcare UK

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